You are an integral part in shaping your students into great human beings. They are early on in their journey to learning how to communicate with the world around them and helping them develop social and emotional skills is something that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Social Emotional Development is extremely important, so why not create a classbook about it? This project can open up discussions about what it means to be kind, why we should care about one another and more. Take a look at the examples below and order your free classbook publishing kit today!

I Am Me And That Is Awesome
To Love A Leaf
Kindness – Mrs. Carlson
The ABC’s Of Kindness
Ms. Lee’s 1st Grade Class And The New Student
Grace Words
Gifts From The Heart Room 214
The Power of Yet
No Bullyfrogs Allowed
How I Feel
Her Hair
Flash The Fish
Feel the Love Share the Happiness
Believe in Yourself and Follow Your Dreams
Froggy Friends
Kindness Matters to Kids
A Case of the Prickles

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