How To Make a Book With Your Class

At Studentreasures Publishing, we believe every child should experience the excitement and satisfaction of becoming a published author. We’ve made it easy to publish a book with your class. In fact, it’s so easy that over 17 million students have become published authors through our publishing projects. Follow the steps below to see how to make a book with your class for free!

Choose your publishing date and order your free publishing kit

A publishing date is the date you choose that your kits are due back to us for publishing. This ensures your published books are back to your class when you need them. There’s a kit for any type of project or any grade level and your kit will arrive within 7-10 business days. Have a publishing date in mind? Reserve your date and order your kit today!


You select the kit layout that works for your class:

  • Portrait, lined paper kit
  • Portrait, unlined paper kit
  • Online kit
  • Landscape, primary lined paper kit
  • Landscape, unlined paper kit
Classbook Publishing Kit Includes

Our Kit Includes:

  • 66 Kit Pages: 33 for Text & 33 for Illustration
  • Cover, Title, Dedication and Author Pages
  • A Student-Created Sample Book
  • Step-by-step Teacher Guide
  • Classroom Publishing Poster
  • Replacement Materials
  • Parent Order Forms
  • Access to our Teacher Community
  • A FREE, deluxe hardcover copy of your classbook for the teacher and option for parents to purchase copies, too!


Fill the pages with your students’ writing and illustrations

Let your students’ imaginations run wild as they fill the kit pages with their story. Each student contributes their own writing and illustration to create a collaborative classbook. You can choose any topic for your classbook - the sky’s the limit. For inspiration, take a look at our sample books and book topic ideas.

Have a book topic idea ready to go? Order your classbook kit today!

Already working on your book? Take a look at these helpful tips:
  • Use washable markers to create big, colorful pictures, and use black ink for your hand-written stories.
  • No crayons or colored pencils, please!
  • Mess up? No worries! Replacement pages are included in our Resource Center where you can print as many copies as you need.
  • Check out the rest of our writing, editing and illustrating tips to create the best book possible.
  • If you get stuck, start-to-finish support is available.

Submit your kit for publishing

A week before your publishing date, pack up your completed materials and parent order forms (including those that choose not to pre-order) in the box your kit arrived in. Then, send it back to us using the prepaid label included in your kit. Once your kit arrives at our facility, it will be transformed into a beautiful published book.

We’ll ship your free, deluxe hardcover teacher book along with any extra books ordered by parents - shipping is on us! In just 20 business days, your one-of-a-kind hardbound books will arrive and your students will be proud published authors.

Don’t forget to spread the word about publishing to parents early on and give parents the option to pre-order their own copy starting at just $22.95. Parents love to see their child’s creativity captured in a moment in time. Parent order forms are included in your publishing kit and we provide pre-written send home notes explaining the project that can be found in our Resource Center. Start the journey and order your publishing kit today!
Is your book ready for publishing? Follow these steps to publish your classbook:

Click here to finalize your order online. Then print your completed pack slip and include it along with your kit and a class roster.
Pack your masterpiece and these key items back into the Kit Envelope:

  • Include your Payment Envelope with the signed parent order forms and any payments received.
  • Organize your cover sheet, dedication and title pages, along with your book pages in numbered order, then your author page.
  • Complete the white box marked with a star at the top of the Kit Envelope. black-star
  • Pack your kit in the box it arrived in using the prepaid UPS label included.
  • Make your box available to your UPS driver for pick-up a week before your publishing date.

Celebrate your proud, published authors!

When your books arrive, get ready to party! Your students’ published books will be treasured keepsakes for years to come, so get your camera ready and capture the smiles of your published authors. Whether it’s an author’s tea or a book signing party, there are a million ways to celebrate!

Be sure to share with us on social media using #ProudAuthors.

Ready to get started? Order your free publishing kit here

Ready to make your students published authors?

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