Holiday and seasonal classbooks are fantastic for any classroom anywhere! Kids love when holidays come around or the seasons change and have a ton of energy to boot. Have them channel some of that energy into a fun classbook project.

Your students can do a deep dive into the history of the holiday, learn more about why the weather changes during different seasons, create a fun, festive holiday story and more! What better way to celebrate a special time of year than with a classbook project? Classbooks provide a lifetime of memories for you, your students and their families!

If you need a little inspiration, check out the classbooks below and order your free classbook publishing kit today!

Broom’s Story
These Are The Seasons We Love Them All
If I Were An Elf
Turkeys In Disguise
The Merry Adventures Of The Sixth Grade Class
Thankful Third Grade Turkeys
Hooray For The 100th Day Of School
Gifts From The Heart Room 214
Turkey Goes to School
This was Once a Heart
Thanksgiving Turkeys
The Last Christmas
Springing Out of School
Silly Snowmen At Night
Fall Poems
Fall is Here We Love it
Falling For Autumn
Christmas Around the World
Halloween Redemption Story
Turkeys Disguise
How to Carve a Jack o Lantern
Turkey Trouble
We Love Fall Mrs Zgraggen
We Love Fall Mrs Wilfong
Winter The Wolf
Winter In Wisconsin
Turkey Talk
The Great Turkey Escape
Snowy Couplets

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