Holiday and seasonal classbooks are fantastic for any classroom anywhere! Kids love when holidays come around or the seasons change and have a ton of energy to boot. Have them channel some of that energy into a fun classbook project.

Your students can do a deep dive into the history of the holiday, learn more about why the weather changes during different seasons, create a fun, festive holiday story and more! What better way to celebrate a special time of year than with a classbook project? Classbooks provide a lifetime of memories for you, your students and their families!

If you need a little inspiration, check out the classbooks below and order your free classbook publishing kit today!

If I Were An Elf
Turkeys In Disguise
Thankful Third Grade Turkeys
Turkey Goes to School
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Silly Snowmen At Night
Turkeys Disguise
How to Carve a Jack o Lantern
Turkey Trouble
Turkey Talk
The Great Turkey Escape

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