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Studentreasures was founded in 1994, we’ve turned more than 13,000,000 students into published authors with our free publishing projects. Our founding mission has been for Every Child to Become an Author, with that in mind we make it easy for teacher’s to complete a publishing project with their class with our easy-to-use publishing kits.

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Studentreasures Classbook Publishing Kit Materials

Your FREE classbook publishing kit includes:

  • Choice of paper or online kit
  • 66 kit pages: 33 for text & 33 for illustration
  • Cover, Title, Dedication & Author Pages
  • A Student-Created Sample Book
  • Step-By-Step Teacher Guide
  • Parent Order Forms

Plus, we provide:

• Start-to-finish project support
• Project reminders to keep you on track
• Storyboards, lesson plans and book starters
• Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community

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