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Use our online bookmaker, Scripsi to create a book with your class, then we’ll publish it into a professionally bound book for you. Publishing has never been easier! Scripsi will transform and energize your classroom while checking off your technology and educational standards. Complete the form to receive your demo account credentials and tryout Scripsi today.

Scripsi Online Book Publishing Tool

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Enhance your classroom lessons with an easy, online book project:

  • Intuitive! Simple, straightforward design.
  • Convenient! Students and teachers can use Scripsi from any computer at home or school.
  • Easy! Edit with ease with our handy spell check and editing tools.
  • Fun! Excite your student to write with our online publishing tool.
  • Simple design allows students and teachers to easily work to complete their book.
  • The only online program created just for schools to help teachers guide their students through the writing process.
  • Exclusive design allows teachers to create and send revision notes and messages with feedback on each student’s pages.
  • Safe and secure, log-in and password protected to preserve the work of each student.
  • We have so many font options and now offer CharActer level formatting so your students can really get creative!
  • Illustrate with ease!  Choose from our library of clip art, enhanced drawing tools for doodles or upload photos and scanned artwork.

Scripsi is the perfect online bookmaker for your classroom.

Scripsi enhances any lesson plan including ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science.  Start with our printable, teacher-developed Common Core aligned lesson plans, or use your own. Students create a book digitally and can access their work from school or at home. Submit your final drafts and we will turn your writing project into a professionally bound book.

The perfect solution for teachers who want to:

  • Easily check off literacy and educational standards.
  • Create a full-color picture book. Great for Kindergarten classes that cannot write yet.
  • Have complete flexibility in formatting their book. Choose where the images and text go and every page can be full-color.
  • Scan students' work and create a book online.
Girl Creating a Book Online with Scripsi Bookmaker
Complete the form above to access a demo and see how easy it is to publish online with Scripsi!