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Why Publish a Book With Your Class

There is nothing more gratifying than to see your students excited to learn. When you publish a book with your class, you'll watch your students' faces light up as they become published authors and create a professionally bound book just like they would find in the library. This free classbook publishing project is a unique experience that will get your students excited about writing and inspire their best effort.

Turn your students into a team of writers and illustrators as you walk them through the journey to becoming real published authors.

It's more than just a book... your class publishing project:

  • Motivates students to do their best work
  • Makes teaching writing easy and fun
  • Inspires creativity and hands-on learning
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration
  • Teaches perseverance and showcases student progress
  • Creates a treasured keepsake
  • Builds a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Strengthens the home to school connection

Don't take our word for it. Here's what educators say about publishing with Studentreasures:

Studentreasures Book Publishing - Testimonials

The students were so excited to write and publish a “real” book. Their enthusiasm was amazing! This project motivated even my most reluctant readers to write, revise, edit and write more!

Laurie A.,
Neil Armstrong Elementary
Rochester, NY

My students loved creating a book! It was a great learning experience for ALL of us. There is sheer magic in seeing their little faces light up when they see their story as part of a book!

Sharon N.,
Sorters Mill Elementary
Porter, TX

I can’t think of a more exciting project for a child of any age than to actually publish a hard bound book that they have written and illustrated.  This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!

Joanne L.,
Centerville Academy
Anderson, SC

Publishing Is Flexible

Our classbook project suits any subject, whether you're writing about World War II or What I Want to Be When I Grow Up. Publishing your book:
  • Aligns with reading, writing and literacy standards  
  • Is cross-curricular and flexible across subject areas
  • Supports differentiated learning
  • Checks off technology requirements with our digital publishing kits
  • Is the perfect project for any lesson and adaptable for grades K-6.
Student Book Publishing in the Classroom

Publishing Is Easy

Whether it's a dedicated unit or an existing lesson, this project can be as easy as putting a final draft on our paper. In your free classbook publishing kit, we provide everything you need to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!
Free Classbook Publishing Kit
Your FREE classbook publishing kit includes:
  • 66 kit pages: 33 for text & 33 for illustration
  • Cover, title, dedication and author pages
  • A student-created sample book
  • Step-by-step teacher guide
  • Replacement materials
  • Parent order forms
  • Access to our Teacher Community
Plus, we provide:
  • Start-to-finish project support
  • Project reminders to keep you on track
  • Storyboards, lesson plans, and book starters
  • Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community
  • A FREE, deluxe hardcover copy of your classbook for the teacher and option for parents to purchase copies, too!

Publishing Is Rewarding

You can win a share of thousands of dollars in grants just for publishing. Plus, every book is automatically entered into our National Book Challenge for a chance to win a school grant.

Make your students published authors today

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