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come up with some lovely holiday gifts with classbooks

5 Winter Holiday Writing Prompts for Elementary Kids

Help your students refine their creative gifts this holiday season.
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thanksgiving prompts for first grade

Tasty Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for 1st Grade

Add a little Thanksgiving flavor to your lesson plans!
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free and fun ways to publish student work

3 Free (and Fun!) Ideas for Publishing Student Work

Help your students break the mold without breaking the bank!
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5 Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts for Elementary School

Just like vampires need to be invited in, our muses need a little encouragement too!
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creative elementary writing strategies

3 Best Writing Strategies to Help Elementary Students Explore Their Creative Potential

Help your students broaden their writing horizons with these 3 strategies.
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Writing Tip

Writing Tip – Create a Writing Mascot for Your Classroom

Create a Writing Mascot for your Classroom 1. Engage your students and keep them...
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