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1st Grade Writing: Revising a Draft and Organizing Ideas

Here is how you can introduce draft revision to first grade students
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3 First Grade Writing Prompts About Food

Here are 3 first grade writing prompts about food!
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3 Narrative Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade About Staying Positive

3 narrative writing prompts about staying positive for 3rd grade students
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4 Writing Prompts for Elementary Students About Dinosaurs

Here are 4 awesome writing prompts about dinosaurs for your students!
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How to Create Engaging Elementary Writing Prompts

How to create engaging writing prompts for elementary students
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4 Elementary School Writing Prompts About World History

Check out these 4 engaging writing prompts about world history!
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First Grade Writing: Introducing Descriptive Writing to Students

How to introduce descriptive writing to first grade students.
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Creating a Class Book for the National Book Challenge

Create a classbook and win prizes through the #NationalBookChallenge!
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Creating a Class Book: Teaching Elementary Students to Work as a Team

Learn how creating a classbook helps promote teamwork in the classroom
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3 Ways Creating a Class Book Promotes Creativity

Here are 3 ways that creating a classbook promotes creativity!
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