Creative Writing

Take the opportunity to let your students’ creative abilities shine by having them create unique stories and put them into a classbook. Have them create a fantasy world with fairies and dragons or tell about that one time they met an alien on the moon! The possibilities are endless when it comes to creative writing classbook ideas. The best part? They will be able to look back at their page years later with their families and reminisce about how much fun they had in your class! Need a little creative inspiration? Take a look at some of the classbook examples below and order your free publishing kit today!

Things That Fly
Fables Of The Southwest
Adventures On The CFA Bus
The Secret Life of Little Blue
Silly Snowmen At Night
Up Up and Away
Fractured Fairytales
Dragons First Flight
Astros Adventures
Winter The Wolf
The Trolls of Room 13
Mythology With a Lil Cajun Spice
The Monsters Of Room 8

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