Free Printable Template Pages

Looking for an easy writing project or the theme for your next classbook? Make your project come to life with our variety of free printable templates. Choose from notebook, primary and half-page templates to find the perfect fit for your class.

Each template includes a writing and illustration page. Once you’ve selected a template for your class, you’ll need to print directly onto the writing and illustration pages of your publishing kit, each student will have their own writing and illustration page.

If you are ready to order and planning on using one of these templates, be sure to choose one of our blank, unlined kits (options B or D on the form) so you can print your desired template directly onto your kit page once your kit arrives.

If you already have your publishing kit, you can print your desired template directly onto the pages. Or, if the kit style you ordered doesn’t work for printing a template, you can simply print on your own paper. Be sure to still include your Cover, Title, Dedication and ‘Meet The Author’ pages from your kit for your finished book.

We recommend printing on white, 24lb 8.5”x11” paper. We DO NOT recommend printing on cardstock or any paper lower than 24lb as shadows will appear if you are using this for your published book.


12 students required to participate in our FREE classbook project.
Order 1 kit per class. Replacement materials provided.
Your publishing date is the date you choose that your kit(s) are due back to us. Please return all materials 1 week prior. Allow 20 business days for processing.

Half-Page Templates

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