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Elementary school writing prompts

Writing is a very important skill to cultivate in elementary school. This is when children are learning key skills that will remain with them for life. As with adults, however, children experience writer’s block and find it difficult to get started sometimes. Creative grade school writing prompts are the best way to get started.


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Writing prompts for students

When issuing a prompt to your students or classroom, you want to make it appropriate to their age and experience. This not only makes the work more unique and original but it helps them work with their local environments. Using the right prompt presents more opportunities for inspiration and creative engagement. Use prompts based on school life, like the first day of school, their favorite books or what they learned during the school year.

Themed writing prompts

You might remember what it’s like coming back to school after summer vacation. After the break, we seem to have lost the ability to write somehow. What better way to get back into the learning environment than inspiring your students with Back-to-School Writing prompts. Ask them to write about their favorite movie or to write about a time they had fun over their break. Many students find it easier to write about the things they like. Prompts such as writing a story about your favorite holiday or favorite sport are great ways to get students writing.

5th grade narrative writing prompts

By the 5th grade, students have confidence in their ability to make sentences. Why not make the most of it and have them create a narrative? Narrative prompts for 5th graders are exciting opportunities to open up the student’s imagination and practice their writing skills simultaneously.

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