giraffe-boy-at-zooAnimals fascinate almost every child. Whether they love everyday pets like cats and dogs, or wild animals hold their interest, like cheetahs and kangaroos, kids like to learn about animals.

More than just talking, elementary students often pretend to be their favorite animals while playing at home or at recess. So the imagination required for some of these writing prompts won’t be much of a stretch for them!

Plus, learning odd and interesting facts about animals certainly won’t fall under the boring category of school work for any student.

5 Fun Writing Prompts for Elementary Students Who Love Animals

Writing Prompt #1 for Kindergarteners: Which animal, in your opinion, has the most fun and why?

Start this writing prompt by teaching a lesson where you review a selection of animals that your students might see at a zoo.

Taking three more unique animals, such as sloths, seahorses and peacocks, and talking about what makes those animals different from other animals and why they have “fun” will engage the students to think “outside the box.”

Have them choose a fun animal and turn your students loose on this writing prompt!



After prompts are written, ask students to illustrate themselves interacting with their animal. How would they visit these animals? Would they get to do the fun things as well? Combine the completed drawings and writings to create a truly “wild” classbook that will keep the memory of their imagination for years to come.


Writing Prompt #2 for 1st Grade: Finish this thought: “If I were an animal, I’d be a/an ____ because ___

Like the first writing prompt, this one lets the students’ imagination kick into gear and even pushes them to explain why their imagination led them to their chosen animal.

Remind students of the amazing variety of animals in the world to help them consider more than just the usual suspects—talk about marine life or animals found in the rainforest. Spark the students’ memory to think about all the animals they’ve heard about in their lives.

Also, providing a few examples of what the “why?” looks like will help your students understand that you want more than just “because they are cool” or “they are fast” for answers.



Animal Wishes

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Make students stick to animals found in your local zoo when doing this writing prompt. That way, in addition to the writing, students may view the animals up close — maybe if you’re lucky, you will even be able to pair this project with a field trip to the zoo! Then ask the students to draw themselves as those animals in the exhibits they viewed. Save this unique project by creating a classbook for the students that they’ll want to share with their animal friends at the zoo and family too!


Writing Prompt #3 for 2nd Grade: Invent a new animal. What would the animal look like? What would the animal eat, where do they live and would this animal live in a pack or alone?

Second graders will love the creativity this writing prompt allows. What kid hasn’t dreamed up what a combination of a monkey and a tiger—insert any other multitude of combinations—might be like?

Give your students an example that helps them start thinking about all the possibilities available. Let the example show them how to consider where the animal should live based on its needs, what it should eat (vegetarian or meat eater?) and more.

Direct them to interesting facts about animals that will give them food for thought.

Then you can enjoy reading the results!



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Have students create a fact sheet on the animal — perhaps using a pre-printed worksheet such as this one — that covers all the questions above. Let your students pretend they are giving this to a zoo (or aquarium, if it fits!) to post outside the animal’s exhibit. Then, of course, you’ll need a drawing of this new animal to complete the writing prompt. Capture the imaginative projects in a classbook that are sure to be a fun read.


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Writing Prompt #4 for 3rd Grade: Pick an animal. What does the animal do during the day and what do you imagine it thinks about?

Help your students start their writing process by providing a sample. The sample demonstrates how to form the paragraph with a couple of sentences devoted to each item.

Once the students understand how to structure the writing, then they will focus on the creativity portion: what the animal thinks about during the day.



Give students a sheet of paper that already includes a cartoon thought bubble. Ask them to fill the page with an illustration of the animal they picked and write one of the thoughts they captured in it. Put the drawing and the writing that each student completes in a classbook that showcases the work of the class as a whole.


Writing Prompt #5 for 4th Grade: Research an animal and provide the following: habitat, food and three interesting facts about the animal.

This writing prompt allows you to give your students an opportunity to learn about the research process as well as writing.

This particular prompt takes a few steps to get to the final product, but each one provides an excellent teaching moment.

  • Going to the library or searching online to find information on your animal.
  • Reading and taking notes about the animal.
  • Writing a draft.
  • Putting together the final report that meets the requirements of the initial prompt.



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After your students have researched and written about their chosen animal, have them save pictures. These images can later be used as a reference to add illustrations to their class book project pages!


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