Classroom Activities

13 Guided Reading Activities for Elementary Students

Guided reading is a method used to introduce and reinforce reading skills that are usually taught during one-on-one reading time. Rather than a replacement, guided reading is most often used in addition to occasional one-on-one reading time as a way to spend more... read more

13 Fun Social Studies Activities for 5th-Grade Students!

There are so many different school subjects, from math to language arts to science, and it can be difficult to devote as much time as we’d like to every subject given the limited time and resources. One subject that we feel tends to get overlooked more often than not... read more

13 Fantastic Read-Aloud Books for 1st Grade Classrooms!

Many children start to build their fluency with written language and begin reading independently in first grade. It’s important to nurture and encourage this new skill—perhaps it will become the most enduring hobby of their lives—and one of the best ways to encourage... read more

You Can Make a Hardcover Book with Your Class! Here’s How

Despite fearful predictions about the future obsolescence of books ever since the invention of radio, books are still as popular as ever! From reader-focused communities like Bookstagram (Instagram accounts focused on the aesthetics and content of books) to BookTok... read more

12 Animal-Themed Elementary School Activities That Students Will Love!

At some point in their lives, most people will develop at least one close and familiar bond with an animal. Forming these bonds results in more comprehensive emotional development, along with other significant and tangible benefits. Through interactions with animals,... read more

19 After-Winter-Break Activities: Start the New Semester the Right Way!

Coming back to school after winter break can be a challenge. Being halfway through the year, with the finish line on the horizon—not that close yet, but we can at least see it from here!—has a certain familiar slump to it. Lacking the excitement of the beginning or... read more