Classroom Activities

7 Benefits of Creating a Classbook

Classbook publishing projects foster creativity in your students, teach them the importance of collaboration, and get parents involved in the classroom.

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Increasing Student Engagement: The Thrill of Publishing

Keeping your elementary students engaged can be tough. Today, we’re going discuss increasing student engagement through the thrill of the publishing process.

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Creative Confidence-Building Classroom Activities for Elementary Students

Help your elementary students learn one of the most important lessons of all—to believe in themselves!—with these creative classroom activities.

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16 Fun Elementary School Projects

With a new school year on the horizon, it’s time to brainstorm some project ideas. Here are 16 fun projects for your elementary students.

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20 Reading Games for 2nd Grade to Help Break Up the Day

Help break up the school day with these fun reading games designed specifically for second graders!

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17 Fun Research Projects for Elementary Students

Learning proper research skills is very important, and elementary school is a fantastic time to learn the fundamentals of research! Getting a head start on skills like evaluating information for trustworthiness, finding credible sources online, taking useful notes and... read more