Classroom Activities

20 Reading Games for 2nd Grade to Help Break Up the Day

Help break up the school day with these fun reading games designed specifically for second graders!

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17 Fun Research Projects for Elementary Students

Learning proper research skills is very important, and elementary school is a fantastic time to learn the fundamentals of research! Getting a head start on skills like evaluating information for trustworthiness, finding credible sources online, taking useful notes and... read more

Top 5 Best Classbook Ideas: How to Make Your Students’ Work Shine

As a teacher, you strive to give your students every tool and every opportunity possible to learn, to grow, to push the limits of their imaginations, because you’re well aware of the incredible potential they possess. It is up to you to help them unlock it. As Malala... read more

Funny National Holidays to Celebrate in the Classroom This Year

  As much fun as it is to celebrate traditional holidays at school, it can be just as fun celebrating some of those off-the-wall funny national holidays. It is important to encourage elementary students to be active and creative, and it is equally important that... read more

Celebrating Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

More and more, students come to class with their own unique cultures, traditions and languages. We, as teachers, must work to develop curriculum and practices that meet the needs of our diverse student populations. As your students learn more about themselves and the... read more

Elementary School Projects That Can Be Done at Home

School is back in season, and, with COVID-19, this year is like none we’ve ever seen before. Everyone is doing their best to adjust to the new normal and develop best practices to keep ourselves and each other safe at work, at home and in our everyday lives. We’re all... read more