Classroom Activities

Starting Strong: 2nd Grade Lesson Plans for the First Week of School

These 2nd-grade lesson plans will help you start the year off right!

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5 Benefits of Creating a Class Book

Here are 5 benefits of creating a class book with your students!

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Class Book Project Ideas About Science and Space

Make a class book about science and space using these project ideas!

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Making a Class Book: 3 Nature-Related Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. We as teachers know it’s a great opportunity to focus the class on ways to help preserve the earth, talk about plants and animals and being a good steward of the planet we live on and, of course, tie it in with some of... read more

Finished Creating a Class Book? 4 Fun Publishing Party Ideas

End of year publishing party ideas are here!

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3 Writing Projects for Elementary Students That Develop Research Skills

Here are 3 writing projects that help develop research skills

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