Classroom Activities

13 Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Enjoy

The concept of cause and effect is both simple and complex at the same time. As adults, we understand that actions tend to have consequences, and events tend to have causes rather than everything happening independently. The complexity comes in when you stop to think... read more

13 Elementary Halloween Writing Activities and Classroom Projects

If you’ve been taking advantage of back-to-school clearance sales for deals on all the odds and ends you need to keep your classroom running efficiently throughout the year (and who hasn’t been?), you may have begun to notice the early harbingers of fall appearing.... read more

16 Fun Classroom Games to Make the School Day More Exciting!

It can be difficult for young students to focus for the entirety of a seven to eight hour day. These classroom games will shake things up!

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20 Fun Friday Ideas to End the School Week on a High Note!

Fridays are easily the best day of the week. Celebrate the end of the school week with this list of fun Friday activities!

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6 First-Week-of-School Activities for Elementary Students

Transitioning from summer vacation to the beginning of a new school year can be tough. These first-week-of-school activities can help!

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8 Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is so much more than just a regular old holiday. Here are some fun Earth Day classroom activities for you and your students.

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