Classroom Activities

Create Your Own Comic Strip: A Fun Writing Activity for Kids

Discover the joy of fun writing activities for kids with comic strip creation and unleash creativity in your classroom with Studentreasures Publishing!

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Make Learning Fun with Interactive Writing Games for Elementary Students

Discover fun writing games for kids to enhance classroom learning and learn how Studentreasures is helping empower a new generation of young writers.

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Poetry Scavenger Hunt: A Unique Writing Activity for Kids

Learn how to spark a love for poetry with Studentreasures’ guide on organizing a poetry scavenger hunt, an interactive, educational activity filled with fun.

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Fun Friday Ideas For Elementary School Teachers

Discover engaging Fun Friday activities for elementary teachers and transform your classroom into a haven of creativity and joy every week with Studentreasures.

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11 Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you have the opportunity to infuse your classroom with a bit of extra love and warmth. Celebrating this day of friendship and kindness through engaging Valentine’s Day activities for elementary students not only adds fun to... read more

13 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Elementary Classroom

Creating an engaging and dynamic educational environment is a pivotal aspect of your role as an educator. Recognizing the impact your classroom’s decor has on young minds, you might often wish to revitalize your space yet feel constrained by a limited budget.... read more