One of the many parts of being a teacher that most non-teachers don’t know about is the constant effort of keeping up with new research in education, exciting educational trends and updated testing standards—and that’s not even getting into the ongoing training hours required to keep your teaching license valid.

We get it. Finding and attending your annual training can be a lot of work on top of a career that’s already defined by a lot of work, but don’t worry. We have you covered with our curated listing of education conferences to attend during the 2022-23 school year!

Take a look through our list, consider the many options and get out your calendar. Whether you decide on a virtual conference to better fit into your weekend schedule or find the perfect location to let you see some sights while you’re refreshing your skills, there’s something here for everyone!

September 2022

Grading from the Inside Out

When? September 21st - 22nd

Where? In person in Long Beach, CA

What? This workshop focuses on new practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to align with standards-based instruction. Rather than focusing on grading reform directly, this workshop attempts to rethink grading practices on a more individual level, aligning with a standards-based mindset and then grading with that knowledge in mind.

Since it’s hard to change the system on your own, the workshop encourages attending as a team with other teachers to help reinforce and support each other while learning and advocating for standards-based grading.

International Conference on Educational Entertainment, Games and Gamification

When? September 27th - 28th

Where? In person in San Francisco, CA

What? If you’re interested in the many ways games overlap with education, this is the conference to match that interest. Covering topics from the effects of casual gaming on academic results, best practices to new research in educational games and gamifying educational processes, this is everything gaming and education.

Integrating Research and Practice in Early Childhood Intervention

When? September 27th - 30th

Where? In person in Chicago, IL

What? This conference reimagines early childhood intervention through the lens of new research and proven best practices. If you work with children who have disabilities, this is the special education conference for you. In addition to their full conference, they also offer single-day registration rates, so if there’s a particular day you’re especially interested in, you have the option to attend one day at a flat rate.

NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition

When? September 28th - October 1st

Where? Virtually and in person in Los Angeles, CA

What? Math teachers, this one’s for you! The National Council for the Teaching of Mathematics annual exposition is an opportunity for mathematics educators from around the world to learn, inspire, collaborate and network. There are hundreds of education sessions to choose from and you’ll come back to the classroom with renewed inspiration.

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Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference

When? September 29th - 30th

Where? Virtual only

What? If your school has gone to a hybrid teaching model or is still fully remote as a precaution during the ongoing pandemic, you might be interested in this conference, especially if you’re expected to implement your lesson plans online.

The conference is specifically for faculty, administrators and other staff involved in course and curriculum development or academic support. Events include a keynote speaker, faculty innovation knowledge-sharing, technology workshops and vendor presentations.

October 2022

The Teaching Learning Coaching Conference

When? October 2nd - 4th

Where? Virtually and in person in San Antonio, TX

What? The world’s leading conference for instructional coaching and instructional practice, this is a wonderful option for newer teachers—and anyone else looking to give their teaching strategies a tune-up.

Study up on best practices, current standards and future trends in elementary school instruction to help guide your students towards finding the answers they need for any questions they might have.

From observation and peer-interaction role plays to one-on-one coaching with the best of the best, this is where you go if you want to level up from simply teaching material to becoming known for quality instruction methodology that leads your students to where they need to be.

Get Your Teach On

When? October 9th - 10th

Where? In person in Atlanta, GA

What? This one is for the teachers who want to combine research-based strategies with an infectious enthusiasm and passion for learning to build a successful, engaging and fun classroom that gets results.

You’ll get tips, tricks, best practices and teacher secrets—plus conference swag and a 15-hour program completion certificate. If you enjoy listening to motivational speakers and have an improvisational, up-for-anything attitude, there’s a lot you’re going to like at this conference!

National Rural Education Association Conference

When? October 20th - 21st

Where? Virtually and in person in Green Bay, WI

What? The Rural Schools Conference is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation within an educational community including national experts, leading researchers, policymakers, K-12 educators and more.

This organization works to help communities innovate and leverage local assets to create meaningful learning experiences for rural students.

Whether you’re teaching at a rural school or teaching at a school near a rural community, don’t miss out on this opportunity to partner with local farming businesses and tradespeople to show your students how important their community is.

2022 Aurora Symposium

When? October 24th - 26th

Where? Virtual only

What? Aurora Institute’s conference is the place to be if you want to learn more about K-12 competency-based, blended and online learning. There are hundreds of sessions available featuring experts and education thought leaders all focused on new ways to utilize technology to improve learning for your students.

As the pandemic continues, it makes sense to have a better understanding of new technology options available in education to help young learners get as much support as possible while navigating these unprecedented times.

November 2022

Brick and Click: An Academic Library Conference

When? November 4th

Where? In person in Maryville, MO

What? If you’re a school librarian, this one’s for you! Brick & Click is a one-day event focused on providing sessions relevant to today’s academic libraries. The conference supports the information needs of both in-person and online students, library professionals and paraprofessionals. While the focus remains on offering a comprehensive one-day event, there are also extra networking opportunities during the conference.

Evaluation 2022

When? November 7th - 12th

Where? In person in New Orleans, LA

What? This conference acknowledges the current social changes happening around the world and seeks to put systems in place to create a better world for our students. Main topics of discussion will include equity, social justice and decolonization; new actors and social finance; and digital data and technology. Rather than address these three areas as separate ideas, they encourage comprehensive, holistic and systemic solutions to all three problems at once.

Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference

When? November 10th - 12th

Where? Virtual or in person in San Antonio, TX

What? The International Dyslexia Association’s annual DyslexiaCon ‘22 hosts education sessions targeted for anyone affected by dyslexia, with an emphasis on providing relevant takeaways you can implement in your daily life immediately to help your students with dyslexia learn to their fullest potential.

If you’re not especially familiar with dyslexia, this is a good place to start: information, history, how dyslexia was treated in the past versus the present, it’s all here—along with ways to make the classroom less scary for children with dyslexia.

NABSE 50th Annual Conference

When? November 30th - December 4th

Where? Virtual or in person in National Harbor, MD

What? The National Alliance of Black School Educators is a non-profit organization focused on education as a civil right. Their conference schedule is a wide assortment of events ranging from symposiums and roundtables to an awards banquet. The solutions the Alliance advocates for will improve conditions for children of all races and backgrounds by removing the systemic barriers that everyone must struggle against.

December 2022

At-Risk and Struggling Students Conference

When? December 1st - 2nd

Where? Virtually and in person in San Antonio, TX

What? This conference focuses on evidence-based programs and strategies educators can use to prevent dropouts and help students succeed. While dropping out might not seem likely for your students, remember that it’s a decision often made after a lifetime of struggles. Recognizing and addressing these struggles as early as possible is crucial and this conference will help you do so.

Innovative Schools Summit

When? December 1st - 4th

Where? In person in San Antonio, TX

What? This summit features a curated lineup of award-winning and nationally recognized speakers. These expert presenters use their years of experience and research to provide proven, working strategies that you can take back to your classroom and implement immediately—everything from new ways to structure a curriculum or map out a daily schedule to small, subtle changes that will lead to big results.

Learning Forward 2022 Annual Conference

When? December 4th - 7th

Where? Virtual or in person in Nashville, TN

What? This year, the Learning Forward conference reimagines what learning can be and gives attendees the chance to learn more about educational issues, gain usable knowledge and share insights. The event promises to be informative, evidence-based and restorative with a good balance of informational presentations and less structured time for networking or relaxing.

January 2023

Hawaii International Conference on Education

When? January 3rd - 6th

Where? In person in Honolulu, HI (on the island of Oahu)

What? This international conference gathers academics and professionals from education and various education-related fields to meet and learn from each other.

Since the conference is meant to include educators and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to education, this is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with professionals outside of—but adjacent—to your own disciplines. It’s also in Hawaii, which makes it an especially good pick if you’re looking for a conference with a side of time on the beach.

March 2023


When? March 6th - 9th

Where? In person in Austin, TX 

What? This conference features dozens of events lasting over four days combined with an educational festival featuring a variety of topics of interest for educators, such as early learning and special needs.

One of the most expansive events on our list, it includes summits, sessions, workshops and keynote speeches from education leaders. Beyond the structured events, you’ll have the option to participate in focused meet-ups to encourage networking, and you’ll also have access to a dedicated learning space for educators to refresh STEM, virtual learning and arts skills.

Professional development and continuing education are important aspects of being an educator. We hope that you are able to attend at least one of these conferences during the upcoming school year, but if you’re not, there are hundreds of others to choose from. That’s not to mention the hundreds of conferences that take place around the world. We kept our list exclusive to the United States.

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