Teaching Strategies

What Is Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an extremely important part of child development. Learn more about how schools are embracing it here.

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How You Can Make the Classbook Publishing Journey Perfect for Your Students!

These tips will make your classbook project a breeze!

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Writing And Editing Checklists For Elementary Schoolers

It’s always a great feeling knowing that you’re teaching writing skills that your students will use for the rest of their lives - a few might even become successful authors later in life! Some of our students have a tendency to create an entire block of writing and... read more

Kindergarten Teaching Strategies to Take into the Second Half of the Year

This year has been challenging to say the least and it seems as if each new development has brought more difficulties into the fold. However, many of us have faced these challenges head-on and shown an exceptional ability to adapt to the changing times.  As you... read more

Students Not Participating in Class? Here are 12 Tips to Help

Now that many students are learning online - or are only physically in class for a few hours - getting their focus and having them share their work, answer questions and participate in class discussions is far more challenging. We have put together a list of tips to... read more

How to Handle Common New Teacher Challenges

You’ve made it halfway through your first year of teaching during what is arguably one of the most challenging years ever. First of all, congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back. Being a novice teacher can be tough - especially when the school year includes... read more