Teaching Strategies

18 Ways to Reward Your Elementary Students

Rewarding students in the classroom can be an effective way to encourage good behavior and positive work habits that will have significant benefits throughout the rest of your students’ academic careers and beyond. While it is important to model to our students that... read more

11 Grading Tips for Elementary School Teachers

One of the many aspects of teaching that’s as crucial to get right is grading. Along with standardized testing and regular check-ins with your students’ support teams, grading is a way to keep track of how well students are learning new material, how well they’re... read more

16 Things Every Teacher Needs in Their Classroom

In an ideal world, every teacher’s classroom would be fully outfitted with everything they need to teach in a way that’s fun and engaging and helps young learners meet all their educational and personal goals. As a truly exceptional teacher, you’re of course doing... read more

How to Write a Lesson Plan for Your Elementary School Class

As a teacher, you understand the importance of foundational skills, both for your students and for yourself. There is no more important foundational skill for running a successful classroom than the ability to write a lesson plan that will help to foster authentic... read more

Effective Editing Strategies for Elementary Students

Every elementary school teacher knows that editing is a lot of work, both doing it and teaching it. You’ve heard all your students’ excuses: editing is hard; it takes too much time; everyone will know what they mean without edits, and of course, the classic “the first... read more

How to Save Time While Planning Your Lessons

When it comes to teaching, lesson planning is a necessary evil. While lesson planning can look vastly different depending on your district or administration expectations, the fact remains that teachers spend a lot of time doing it. But we have some good news! Simple... read more