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Outside-of-the-Box Book Report Ideas for 3rd Graders

As teachers, we all know the importance of reading comprehension in elementary school. Our students’ ability to process the written word, understand its meaning and integrate that into what they already know is a cornerstone of their education—and their whole lives.... read more

4 Lesson Plan Projects on Voting and Elections for Elementary Students

Learning about elections and voting is extremely beneficial in elementary school. Even though our students are unable to vote at their age, developing an understanding of the process and how elections work throughout their elementary, middle and high school careers... read more

Our Top 11 Favorite Online Educational Games for Kids

As teachers, we know how important it can be to keep your students motivated by providing engaging projects. With distance learning becoming more prevalent, online educational games and learning websites for kids can be a great way for your students to focus and some... read more

Starting Strong: 2nd Grade Lesson Plans for the First Week of School

These 2nd-grade lesson plans will help you start the year off right!

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5 Benefits of Creating a Class Book

Here are 5 benefits of creating a class book with your students!

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Class Book Project Ideas About Science and Space

Make a class book about science and space using these project ideas!

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