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Premier Program

Our Premier publishing project is great for large groups of all ages and highlights the progress of writers from the youngest to more experienced. It’s the perfect program to get students at your school excited about writing. Plus, the program is free to get started! The Premier program is customizable and gives teachers the option to create individual books or a classbook. Simply complete the form to request more information or download the Premier Program Flyer to learn more. When you're ready to order kits for your school complete the Order Form and fax it back to us at 1-800-862-2297.

How the Premier Program Works:

A minimum of four (4) classrooms or 80 students is required and for each class that publishes individual books there should be one (1) class publishing a classbook. Classbook participation is required for this free program.

Each teacher chooses between a classbook publishing kit or individual kits.

Classbook Option - Premier Program Classbooks:
  • Available to grades K-6.
  • Every student contributes a written page and an illustration to create one collaborative book.
  • Every participating teacher receives a deluxe, hardcover copy of his or her classbook for FREE.
Classbook Hardbound Book Option
Individual Book Option - Premier Program Individual Books:
  • Available to grades 4-6.
  • Every student publishes his or her own softcover book.
  • Every student receives his or her softcover book for FREE.
Free Softcover Individual Book

Request More Information

Share the fun and get more teachers involved at your school with our easy to use printable flyers and downloadable email templates. Parents can purchase additional copies of their child’s work but are under no obligation to do so.

Getting started in your school is easy!

  1. Complete the form on the top, right of this page
  2. We'll contact you to reserve your publishing date and choose your FREE kits for participating teachers
  3. Email or fax your order form back and we'll send your publishing kits
  4. Distribute publishing kits and materials provided
  5. Get creative and help your students create their books
  6. Return completed kits using the pre-paid shipping label provided
  7. We'll send you your published books along with any copies ordered within 20 business days!
  8. Celebrate your proud published authors!
Teacher with Publishing Kit
Publishing Kit Materials

Your FREE publishing kit includes:
  • Kit pages for writing and illustrating your book
  • Cover, Title, Dedication and Author pages
  • Student-Created Sample Book
  • Step-by-Step Teacher Guide
  • Replacement Materials
  • Parent Order Forms

Plus, we provide:
  • Start-to-finish project support
  • Project reminders to keep you on track
  • Storyboards, lesson plans and book starters
  • Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community

Ready to order your kits? Fill out the Premier Program Order Form and fax it back to us at 1-800-862-2297.

Need more information? We're happy to help! Please Live Chat with us, call us at 1-800-867-2292, or visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions.