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Why Publishing Matters!

There is nothing more gratifying than to see your students excited to learn. When you publish a book with your class, you’ll watch your students’ faces light up as they become published authors and create a professionally bound book just like they would find in the library. Publishing a book together, no matter where your class is learning, will get your students excited about writing and inspire their best effort.

With learning taking on so many forms this year we’re here to help you make the most of your publishing project while your students are distance learning. Keep reading for more details on how easily you can create a classbook this year.

“Great organization, customer service, and student engagement! The final product is a true work of art. I sent my students their copies in their remote packets due to the virus, and the books really cheered them up! I will do this every year!”

- Trudy L., Pace, FL
S S Dixon Intermediate School

“My parents and students lovvveed the online experience. I found it much needed in Covid times.”

- Lawanda C., Manassas, VA
Youth Center Stage

“The staff has been amazing during this unconventional time by allowing me to extend my due date. This company is amazing and the final product for students is such a treasure!”

- Andrea G., Shafter, CA
Sequoia Elementary School

“Even as we were working through the pandemic, my students were able to turn in their work for the book. Studentreasures made it very simple and clear!”

- Carmen Z., Wausau, WI
Trinity Lutheran School

“My students learn so much about the writing and publishing process. They enjoy the writing process and are so proud of themselves! The company also makes the process very easy.”

- Amanda R., Damiansville, IL
Damiansville Elementary School

“A very user friendly website with very clear instructions & lots of FUN for the students! I’m excited to do it again in the future.”

- Lara S., League City, TX
Bay Area Christian School

“This is my 4th year using this in my writing curriculum. The students love the idea of publishing their own written and illustrated work. We celebrate with an Author’s Party! The tool kit is easy to use and the directions are simple!”

- Deborah H., Saint Simons IS, GA
Saint Simons Christian School

“I love that there are so many options to choose from, especially now that in most areas, school is remote. I also love that it is free and our kiddos are able to purchase if wanted! I have used this for over 6 years and I will continue to use it every single year :)”

- Lanee L., Mesa, AZ
Sousa Elementary School

“Studentreasures is a wonderful company that allows students to express their thoughts and become authors. The publishing process is easy both in the paper format and online. Studentreasures provides all the necessary materials and support.”

- Angel B., Streamwood, IL
Heritage Elementary School

“Even with doing this during the pandemic, the process was easy because my questions were answered quickly and completely.”

- Peggy W., Fostoria, OH
Fostoria Intermediate School

Publish Online With Scripsi

Bring out the proud, published authors in your class by letting your students explore Scripsi, our free online book publishing program. Students can write, illustrate and edit their book pages online and you can guide your students through their bookmaking journey. Choosing online publishing is a great way for your students to work on their project from anywhere. Thinking about switching your existing project to online publishing, click here to let us know! We’ll get your class set up with an online project!

Be sure to share this all-in-one guide with students working on their writing and illustration pages of your book.

Scripsi enhances any lesson plan including ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science. Check out all the school-focused features Scripsi includes:

  • Convenient! Students and teachers can use Scripsi from any computer.
  • Easy! Edit with ease with our handy spell check and editing tools.
  • Fun! Excite your student to write with our free online book publishing tool.
  • Simple design allows students and teachers to easily work to complete their book.
  • The only online program created just for schools to help teachers guide their students through the writing process.
  • Safe and secure, log-in and password protected to preserve the work of each student.
  • We have so many font options and now offer CharActer  level formatting so your students can really get creative!
  • Illustrate with ease! Choose from our library of clip art, enhanced drawing tools for doodles or upload photos and scanned artwork.
  • Intuitive! Simple, straightforward design.

Publish With Physical, Paper Kits

If pen and paper are more your style, paper kits are great for distributing your book pages to students during packet pickups. Watch the video (below) to see how easy it can be and share these helpful guides for parents & students working on their paper project at home. Choose from four paper kit formats for your class on the form below.

As you are working on your pages remotely, don’t forget to encourage your students to start with a rough draft. Then, when they are ready for the final draft, have them use washable markers to create big, colorful pictures and black ink for their handwritten stories. Check out more writing tips like these!

Easy Templates Make Paper Publishing A Breeze

Bonus! Make publishing on paper a breeze by using one of the templates from our Template Library. Simply choose a template you like and print directly onto your kit. To use templates choose one of our blank kits (options B & D). Don’t forget you’ll still need to design your Cover, Title, Dedication and ‘About The Authors’ page!


Order 1 kit per class. Replacement materials provided.
Your publishing date is the date you choose that your kit(s) are due back to us. Please return all materials 1 week prior. Allow 20 business days for processing.

Everything’s Included!

No matter which option you choose we provide:

  • Flexible publishing dates that can be moved as often as you need to meet your needs
  • A FREE, deluxe hardcover copy of your classbook for the teacher and option for parents to purchase copies too
  • Pages for 33 students to contribute a writing & illustration page each
  • Cover, Title, Dedication and Author Page
  • A Student-Created Sample Book
  • Step-by-Step Teacher Guide
  • Parent Order From
  • Start-to-finish Project Support & Project Reminders to keep you on track
  • Storyboards, Printable Template Pages, Lesson Plans & Topic Ideas
  • Replacement Materials
  • Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community
  • FREE Classbook Toolkit with Slideshow Lesson Plan & Choice Board to guide your students through publishing a book together

Once you’ve chosen a kit that will work best for your class, your students will be published authors in no time!

Ready-Made Slideshow Lesson Plan

Our handy Classbook Toolkit makes creating your classbook even easier. The step-by-step Slideshow Lesson Plan takes your class through the writing and publishing process and the Choice Board encourages their best effort all along the way! Best of all, it can be used for all learning settings to keep your students on the same page.  

Order your FREE kit today to get exclusive access to your Classbook Toolkit.*

*Already ordered your kit? Reach out to us for your link to access the ready-made Slideshow Lesson.

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