Writing Skill-Building Activity

Writing skills are vital to teach, so practicing writing exercises and other skill-building activities are crucial. Engage students with writing activities such as Dictation, Story-writing and Visualization.

Activities for teaching writing skills

It’s important to engage with students on their level and create writing activities that challenge and interest them. Some fun activities for teaching writing include Pop-song Rewriting, Writing Short Videos, Newscasts and Travel Videos. I


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Activities to develop writing skills

The world has become increasingly digital in the recent decade but that doesn’t mean that writing is no longer necessary. On the contrary, writing in a technology-centric world is more vital than ever before. Engaging with digital platforms like writing emails or stories using smartphones and laptops can engage students as they develop these skills.

Activities for writing skills in the classroom

There is no shortage of skills for students to learn while they are still young. That also means there is no end to the potential activities you can offer them. Writing prompts for short stories are always popular, but you can innovate traditional writing practices for groups and younger audiences. Always try to teach a technique with your lesson.

Activities to improve writing skills

Some activities work better than others to improve writing skills. Offer students a combination of freewriting and more focused task writing that centers around a specific writing technique. Persuasive writing and creative writing help students learn to write a story and helps their sentence structure.

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