Classroom Teaching Strategies

It can be hard for students to maintain engagement in learning if they can’t see the meaning behind the lesson. Of course, students differ in what meaning means to them but providing some practical real-world use for the material will help them see the meaning of the lesson.


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Classroom teaching strategies

Classroom strategies such as Visualization, Co-op Learning, Inquiry-based Instruction and Technology in the classroom are not limited to any one particular level. These strategies can be adapted and innovated to different levels and learning styles. These instructional strategies are most effective when deployed in different subject areas at appropriate times.

Innovative teaching strategies

Teaching and learning are both changing as that world becomes increasingly digital, this opens up opportunities to innovate teaching strategies and learning methods. Examples include Crossover Learning, which takes students into real-world environments and Learning Through Augmentation which uses Pokemon Go-like AI in lessons.

Teaching-learning strategies

Most students now use the internet daily and their expectations of learning have changed significantly - consider the learning methods used in popular apps like Brain Training. This causes teaching and learning strategies in the classroom to innovate and become more game-like, tactile and project-based.

Efficient teaching strategies

Effective and efficient teaching strategies communicate the core lesson material in a way that is most useful to the largest number of students and learning styles. This means a variety of teaching techniques and strategies must be used to engage different types of learners.

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