Writing Prompts

5 St. Patrick’s Day Creative Writing Prompts

Explore creative St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts perfect for inspiring imagination in your students’ storytelling adventures with Studentreasures.

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8 Snow Day Writing Prompts

Engage young minds in imaginative storytelling, from snowman conversations to winter wonderlands, with these creative snow day writing prompts for kids.

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22 Sports-Themed Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

Life has many sports, and one that every teacher is familiar with is the sport of collecting writing prompt ideas for the classroom! Writing is one of the most important foundational skills students will learn, and their proficiency in writing correlates with future... read more

14 Elementary Writing Prompts About Dr. Seuss

Nearly everyone is familiar with the prolific works of Dr. Seuss, and for most of us, he was our very first favorite author. In fact, for many of us, he was even the first time we realized books had an author! The weird and wonderful tableaus parading across every... read more

20 History-Themed Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

Developing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the past is one of the most crucial tools that will allow young learners to become better able to understand the future. Writing assignments that are engaging and entertaining but also require focused blocks of... read more

Descriptive Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

We exist in a primarily visual world. From movies and TV shows to video games and social media, there’s no denying that visual media is more popular than ever before. It is more important now for writers to use vivid and descriptive language to help readers visualize... read more