Money-Saving Tips

The Best Teacher Discounts in 2024

Discover the best teacher discounts in 2024 in our comprehensive guide that covers savings on school supplies, tech, personal development, and more!

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13 Grants for Elementary Schools (2023-2024 Edition)

When you’re looking for ways to help fill in the gaps in your school’s limited budget—and for most teachers we know, this is an ongoing task that takes up as much time as you have to give—one of the best options available are grants. Grants exist to provide resources... read more

Dollar Tree Classroom Hacks for Elementary Teachers

Investing in your elementary classroom isn’t cheap, but you can maximize the return on every dollar with these Dollar Tree classroom hacks!

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13 Money-Saving Tips for Teachers

Educators often have to adhere to strict budgets, despite being critical to our society. Here are several money-saving tips for teachers.

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Teacher Grants for Classroom Supplies: How Classbooks Can Get You Funded

Get inspired for your next grant application project!

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