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Ways to Celebrate

Did someone say party? Publishing a book deserves more than a high five. Let’s be honest… most grown-ups can’t even put that on a resume. That kind of hard work deserves a full blown PARTY!

Here are a few publishing party ideas to show your young authors just how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished.

“When the students received their books they were so excited… I had to cancel my entire morning.”

Wendy P., Ross Elementary, Topeka, KS

Publishing Party Ideas

After the party, hop over to the Community page to share with other teachers how you celebrated your published authors.

Author’s Tea
Author's Tea - Book Publishing Party
Pinkies up! Read from your books over tea and cookies for a classic celebration of this special event.
Book Signing Party
Book Signing Party - Ways to Celebrate
Feel the excitement and pride as your published authors autograph each other’s books.
Poetry Reading
Poetry Reading - Book Publishing Party
Inspired by Shakespeare or Silverstein? Let your proud poets take the stage to read to a captive audience.
Animal Party
Animal Party - Book Publishing Party
Did your stories star lions, tigers and bears? Oh my! Dress up as animals to read from your books.
Career Party
Career Party - Book Publishing Party
Did your class write about what they want to be when they grow up? Have them dress the part to celebrate.
Write Night
Write Night - Book Publishing Party
Roll out the red carpet, dress to the nines, and show off your published work like celebrities.
Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream Social - Book Publishing Party
I scream, you scream… Celebrate with ice cream and reading as the school year sizzles to an end.
Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day - Book Publishing Party
Showcase your students’ amazing work for their number one fans: Grandma and Grandpa!