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Get Started On Your Classbook Publish a book for FREE with your class - it's easy and perfect for students grades Pre K-6. Motivate your students to do their best work, build upon their reading and writing skills, and create a treasured keepsake. Our publishing kit infuses your lessons with hands-on-fun and guides your students through the writing process. It can be as easy as putting an existing lesson onto our paper! Order your free publishing kit today!

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Publish and win a school grant!

  • Teachers publishing October- February are automatically entered to win thousands of dollars in grants
  • Receive a $25 Walmart Gift Card for classroom supplies when parents purchase 20 or more copies
  • You'll automatically be entered into our National Book Challenge for a chance to win a $100 grant for your school, just for publishing


Order 1 kit per class.
Your publishing date is the date you choose that your kit(s) are due back to us. Please return all materials 1 week prior. Allow 20 business days for processing.

Publishing Is Easy! Here's How:

How the Publishing Process Works
Studentreasures Classbook Publishing Kit Materials

Your FREE classbook publishing kit includes:

  • Choice of paper or online kit
  • 66 kit pages: 33 for text & 33 for illustration
  • Cover, Title, Dedication & Author Pages
  • A Student-Created Sample Book
  • Step-By-Step Teacher Guide
  • Parent Order Forms

Plus, we provide:

  • Start-to-finish project support
  • Project reminders to keep you on track
  • Storyboards, lesson plans & book starters
  • Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community
  • A FREE, deluxe hardcover copy of your classbook for the teacher and option for parents to purchase copies, too!

Get Inspired With A Few of Our Favorite Books

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Our Animal Book - Sample Book
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My Favorite Time in Kindergarten - Sample Book
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  • It's more than a book, publishing:

    • Motivates students to do their best work
    • Makes teaching writing easy and fun
    • Inspires creativity and hands-on learning
    • Encourages teamwork and collaboration
    • Builds a sense of pride and accomplishment
    • Teaches perseverance and showcases student progress
  • Why the classbook program is free

    For each teacher who publishes a collaborative book with their class, we offer one FREE publishing kit and one copy of the hardcover book FREE to the teacher. All we ask is that parents have the option to pre-order a copy of the classbook.

    Parents can pre-order their own copy starting at just $19.95 with the parent order forms included in your publishing kit. Parents are under no obligation and the teacher’s book is still free. Not every parent orders and that’s okay. Students still love sharing the classroom copy with their parents.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    If parents purchase a copy of their child's book and are in any way dissatisfied, they can return it directly to us for a replacement or full refund.

  • Win money for your school

    You’ll be automatically entered into our National Book Challenge for a chance to win a $100 Grant for your school!

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