Smooth Sailing!

Track your students’ writing progress and needs with this simple classroom display.

Smooth Sailing Writing Activity

Creating your board is simple!

  1. Divide a board into three rows. Label each row as shown.
  2. Have each child make and decorate a paper boat cutout. Direct each student to write his name on the cutout.
  3. At the beginning of each writing session, ask students to think about their needs. If a student is comfortable with his progress, he places his cutout in the first row. If the child needs teacher input or is ready to share his work with the class, he places his cutout in the corresponding row and proceeds with his writing until his needs can be met. After a child conferences or shares, he moves his cutout to the first row.

Not only will students be reevaluating their writing progress daily, but you will know with a glance who needs your help!

What tips and tricks do you use?